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What is Voice Warning with Location?

OneLink Voice WarningThis is a First Alert® feature located on OneLink® or BRK Wireless Interconnect alarms, that verbally identifies not only the danger detected, i.e. Smoke or Carbon Monoxide, but also indicates the location of the initiating alarm. There are several pre-programmed locations stored in the alarm’s memory. Included may be Basement, Kitchen, Child’s Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Master Bedroom, Family Room, Guest Bedroom, Office, Hallway, Utility Room and No Location. For example when the alarm sounds, if programmed for “Basement”, it will say “Warning, Evacuate, Smoke in Basement” or “Warning, Evacuate, Carbon Monoxide in Basement”.

If other First Alert® OneLink® or BRK Wireless Interconnect alarms are located throughout the house they will also announce the same warning even though they were programmed with another location. This is a safety feature no one else has. When seconds count in an emergency it provides an audible indication of the possible threatened area and more importantly what area to investigate or avoid.


Note: OneLink® and BRK Wireless Interconnect alarms will not communicate wirelessly to each other.

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