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What are my options for a 10-year smoke alarm?

"10-year smoke alarms" are available, which feature extended life batteries or power cells designed to provide up to 10 years of service without battery changes. Regardless of the manufacturer's suggested battery life, it is important to replace batteries (or smoke alarm) as soon as the low battery alert is activated! Many factors, including temperature, installation location, and how well smoke alarms are cleaned and maintained, can shorten battery (or smoke alarm) life.

First Alert® model SA340 Smoke Alarm. This model has three non-removable Lithium power cells sealed into the battery pack. This makes the unit tamper-proof. Once the power cells are installed in the alarm they are activated. They provide up to 10 years of continuous service. Since they are power cells - not traditional batteries - they cannot be used in other battery-powered devices, which deters unauthorized removal. Once the power cells become weak, the smoke alarm must be replaced. Long-life lithium batteries.

Some manufacturers offer long-life Lithium batteries, which provide a longer service life than carbon zinc or alkaline batteries, possibly up to 10 years depending on type of alarm, temperature conditions over the life of the alarm, how often the unit is in alarm, how often tested, etcetera. These can be used in most battery powered and AC/DC smoke alarms.