OneLink® Wireless Alarms FAQ's


What is the Spread Spectrum Horn Tone?

Population ChartThe Spread Spectrum Horn Tone is a lower and varying horn frequency that sweeps through the 2200 – 3400 Hz range. As we age we lose the capability of hearing higher frequencies. This lower frequency and sweeping tone make it easier for the elderly with normal age related hearing loss to better hear the horn as compared to a standard horn. This is an important feature as the overall population is getting older as the Baby Boomer’s population segment moves into their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The first US Baby Boomers will turn 65 in 2011. (The baby boom refers to people born in the post-World War II period from 1946 through 1964). This market potential is already being targeted by builders as evidenced by the increase in the development of more “Over 55” communities. American’s 55 and older will head 40% of the nation’s households by 2012. No other alarm manufacturer has recognized this potential and has this feature to date.

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