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How can First Alert® OneLink® alarms be relevant for Electrical Contractors who have existing home additions projects?

SA520B Package w shadowWhen dealing with new construction for existing home additions, the First Alert® OneLink® “Bridge” unit (SA520B) is a perfect solution. It is often difficult to connect to the existing alarm circuit when dealing with home additions. Concrete, steel, laminated beams, etc. are blocking easy access. Building codes state that the alarms must be hardwired for power, but do not have to be hardwired for interconnect. Therefore, the SA520B can be used in the new addition, where power can be obtained locally from a lighting or outlet circuit. In the existing part of the home, just replace one of the existing hardwired units with the SA520B. Link the two alarms to “bridge” the old and the new sections. Now all alarms will be interconnected, including other existing hardwired alarms that were interconnected in the old section.


First Alert® OneLink® smoke alarms will interconnect with most competitive smoke alarms, so retrofitting will not require replacement of existing competitive alarms. (Note: this is not true for competitive carbon monoxide alarms). In the new section, additional 9120B’s or 7010B's can be used and in the old section, other First Alert® OneLink® battery operated alarms can be used to bring the bedrooms, hallways, etc. up to code. First Alert® OneLink® alarms are a cost effective solution to renovation and remodeling.

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