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What is a “Mesh Network” and how does it work?

First Alert® OneLink® alarms operate on a “mesh network”. All of the First Alert® OneLink® alarms send, receive and resend the initiating alarm’s signal. With competitive wireless one-way communication, only the initiating alarm sends a signal. It does not resend.


Why is this important? In the following illustration, the initiating alarm is in the basement. Let’s say the signal is blocked from reaching the Master Bedroom alarm either by distance or some obstruction in the home. With First Alert® OneLink®, the mesh network of alarms re-routes and resends the signal via the other alarms, providing a greater chance all alarms will receive the signal. With one-way communication, only the initiating alarm is sending a signal. Therefore, the Master Bedroom never receives a signal and is deadly silent. The “mesh network” is a more reliable means of wireless communication. When seconds count in an emergency, trust First Alert Onelink Wireless Alarms technology.

Onelink Mesh Network

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