Plug-in (AC or AC/DC)
Plug-in (AC or AC/DC)

BRK CO Alarms :
CO Alarms

First Alert® plug-in carbon monoxide alarms are designed to be easy to install, easy to maintain, and quality-engineered for years of virtually maintenance-free service. The full line includes some models with special features like silence buttons, digital display readouts and line cord for easy positioning of alarm. Below are the features all First Alert® carbon monoxide alarms share.

»Meet UL 2034 standard - single station carbon monoxide alarm.

»UL mandated repeating alarm horn pattern (85 dB)-4 fast beeps, pause, 4 fast beeps.

»7-Year Limited Warranty
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Fire Extinguisher Catalog-Electrical Market

View the BRK Fire Extinguisher Catalog by clicking the image or download a PDF version at the link below.

BRK Fire Extinguisher Catalog-Vol 16