Fire Extinguishers
Fire Extinguishers

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The Future of Fire Safety


Tundra Fast LogoFirst Alert has launched Tundra™ Fire Extinguishing Spray, a Strong, Accurate, Fast and Effective new home-safety tool to extinguish fires. Tundra™ Fire Extinguishing Spray contains a powerful, proven and effective liquid firefighting agent in a familiar spray can that is more effective on common fires and easier to operate than a typical fire extinguisher. It is effective on fires including paper, fabric, wood, cooking oil and electrical fires. Perfect for Home, Office, Auto, Boat, RV, Camping, Dorm and Workshop.

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A First Alert fire extinguisher may be the first line of defense in case of a fire in your home, boat, car or business. With proper care, caution and preparation, many accidents can be prevented. Sometimes all you can do is minimize damage or injury by preparing properly and having the right fire extinguisher on hand. If a fire should start in your home, car, boat or other property, be prepared with the right type of fire extinguisher from First Alert.!


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If you are a business owner, your customers must carry a fire extinguisher on their service vehicles. They also need fire extinguishers for their businesses. They already come to you for other great BRK/First Alert safety products, so don't miss the opportunity to satisfy their complete safety needs. Suggest a First Alert fire extinguisher today


Fire Extinguisher Catalog-Electrical Market

View the BRK Fire Extinguisher Catalog by clicking the image or download a PDF version at the link below.

BRK Fire Extinguisher Catalog-Vol 16