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Model# GCO1
SKU# 1039760
Did you Know? CO alarm placement is sometimes confused with Natural Gas (methane) or propane gas type alarms. Depending on the type of gas (methane is lighter than air, propane is heavier than air) the alarm should be placed high (methane alarm) or low (propane alarm) on a wall. These types of alarms usually have a line cord plug to make placement easier.
Plug-in Explosive Gas/CO Combo Alarm

Advanced combination alarm senses carbon monoxide, propane and methane gases.
» Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Sensor - the most accurate sensor available as compared to other sensing technologies

» 3-Way Protection against Natural/Methane Gas, Propane Gas and Carbon Monoxide

» Single Button Test/Silence

» Remote Control Silence/Test uses most remote controls to temporarily quiet unwanted alarms and test alarm functions

» Backlit Digital Display for greater visibility of which hazard is being sensed (Gas or CO), the hazard level, and the peak level

» Low Battery Warning Silence

» Convenient Installation Options: unit plugs directly into the wall or can be mounted higher on the wall using the line cord

» End of Life Signal provides audible notification alarms needs to be replaced

» 5-Year Limited Warranty
Model #:GCO1

» Sensor: Electrochemical

» Warranty Claim: 5-Year

» Package Type: Clamshell

» Color: White

» Battery backup: Y

Shipping Specs
Individual Package Information
» Item UPC: 29054018540

» Packs per case: 3

» L (inches): 3.38

» W (inches): 7.38

» H (inches): 8.50

» Weight (lb): 0.735

Case Information
» Case UPC: 20029054018544

» Case Length: 10.25

» Case Width: 8

» Case Height: 8.50

» Case Cube (ft3): 0.43

Pallet Information
» Cases/Layer: 25

» # of Layers: 5

» # Cases/pallet: 125

» Pallet Cube (ft3): 59.58

  Alarm sounds
  Low Battery sound
  Supervisory Chirp
  Power up indication
  Malfunction Sound for Products Manufactured Prior to 8/1/09