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Wireless Interconnect Alarms FAQ

Here are all of the latest Wireless Interconnect Alarms Frequently Asked Questions for you to download. You can also see the Wireless Interconnect Alarms FAQ's in this website by going to FAQ's/Troubleshooting.


OneLink Wireless BeaconFirst Alert® Wireless Interconnect Alarms is a line of wirelessly interconnectable alarms designed to meet the needs of contractors that retrofit or remodel existing properties. First Alert® Wireless Interconnect Alarms offers the same interconnected functionality as hardwired alarms, without the wires. Because there are no wires to pull through existing walls, First Alert® Wireless Interconnect Alarms offers a very cost effective way to bring existing properties up to code.

Using First Alert® Wireless Interconnect Alarms provides faster job turnaround vs. hardwire retrofitting applications. Up to 4X more jobs completed means increased profits and customer satisfaction. The product line consists of mostly battery operated alarms making installation fast and easy. A hardwired bridge unit is used to connect existing hardwired alarms to the new First Alert® OneLink® enabled alarms providing a complete system, old and new.

With exclusive features like Voice Warning with Location™, Optipath 360 Technology™ and Spread Spectrum Horn Tone, First Alert has the most complete lineup of wireless smoke and CO products.


»Download Wireless Interconnect Alarms Alarms FAQ's in pdf format.