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The 4120B Replacement Battery



The 4120B Replacement Battery



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Aurora, Ill. (June XX, 2005) – BRK Brands Inc. recommends that when consumers replace the batteries in their home smoke alarms on hardwired battery back-up models 4120B and 4120SB ,brand labeled BRK and manufactured prior to October 2000, they use replacement batteries that are of the same brand as those provided with the alarm upon purchase. The recommended replacement batteries for this model are the Eveready batteries numbered 1222 or 522. Using a replacement battery that is the same brand as the original battery for these models will ensure the optimal performance of both the smoke alarm and the battery. Other battery types may bulge inside the alarm and could pose a concern as they are attempted to be replaced. Consumers should always exercise caution when replacing batteries.


First Alert also reminds consumers to periodically change the batteries in their smoke alarms and to test the alarms weekly by pressing the units’ test buttons to ensure that the batteries and all alarm functions are working properly. Remember to never remove the batteries to stop an unwanted alarm or “nuisance” alarm, such as those caused by cooking smoke. According to the NFPA, smoke alarms are credited with reducing home fire deaths by 50%, and the primary reason smoke alarms do not sound in a fire death is due to missing, disconnected, or dead batteries.


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