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OneLink Recall Information



OneLink Recall Information

In voluntary cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, First Alert® and BRK Brands has determined that some of its First Alert® ONELINKTM battery powered smoke and combination smoke/carbon monoxide (CO) alarms may experience a premature low battery condition. You will be notified of the low battery condition and the need to replace the batteries by a chirping of the unit. The alarm will continue to detect smoke and CO when it is in the low battery condition until the battery power terminates.


Units Included in voluntary recall

If your First Alert® ONELINKTM battery operated alarm has a model number "SA500" or "SCO500" and a date code prior to March 3, 2006, it is covered by this voluntary recall. The names "First Alert®" and "ONELINKTM" are located on the front of the alarm. The model number and date code are located on the back of the alarm. If you have a First Alert® ONELINKTM alarm that is hardwired, model "SA520", it is not covered under this recall.


The following units may be included in the Recall:


Image of Back of unit:

 Image 1

Date Code Prior to March 2006



 Image 2

Model # SA500 and SCO500



Image of Front of unit:

 Image 3

Model SCO500


 Image 4

Model SA500


The Following Units are NOT included in the Recall


Model SA520 - Not Effected in Recall



What To Do

If you have First Alert® ONELINKTM battery operated alarms:

  • Test the batteries in each alarm by pushing the test button.
  • If the alarm does not sound, immediately replace the batteries.
  • If the alarm signals a low battery alert, immediately replace the batteries.


Do not remove the alarm. Test your alarms weekly to ensure they are properly powered. If you have any of these alarms, please call 1-800-323-9005 to receive a free replacement alarm(s). Do not remove your alarm(s) until you have received the replacement alarm(s). Once you provide this information and submit it to BRK Brands, we will send you a replacement alarm(s). We will also send you a pre-paid mailing label so that you can return to us the recalled alarm(s). You will be required to return a portion of your alarm(s).

 Hand and alarm


  • Remove recalled alarm(s) from ceiling or wall.
  • Install new alarm(s) per users manual.
  • Slide open the battery drawer and remove batteries.
  • On Recalled alarm(s), slide open the battery drawer and remove batteries. Grasp front of battery drawer while holding body of alarm. Snap front of battery drawer off.
  • Enclose the battery drawer(s) into one of the white alarm boxes. Seal each end with tape and attach the pre-paid mailing label to the outside of box.



To participate in this recall and receive a free replacement alarm, please call the ONELINK™ recall hotline at 800-323-9005 between the hours of 8:30 -6:00 Eastern Time and be prepared to provide the following information:


  • Telephone Number
  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • City, State,  Zip Code
  • Number of units that you own that are subject to this recall
  • Date Code on back of alarm



First Alert® and BRK Brands will send you a replacement alarm(s) in the next several weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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